Название:Formation of Entrepreneurial Climate as a Factor of Social and Economic Development of the Region
Вид ресурса:электронная копия бумажного издания
Тип ресурса:Статья
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Аннотация:The paper considers the formation of entrepreneurial climate in the conditions of social and economic development of the region. At present, one of the priority directions of social and economic policy of the region is the development of small businesses. In turn, the entrepreneurial or business climate acts as a paramount component of small business development. The study of the current state of entrepreneurial climate in the region makes it possible to define current problems of its development and ways to solve them. The social mechanism of entrepreneurial enterprise climate formation in the region is directly focused on the formation of certain motives, ideas, behavior patterns of all business subjects (business community and authorities). This is revealed through the following principles: state support, priority objectives, equal conditions, diversification, partnership, social responsibility, social protection, public representation, exchange of experience, competitive advantage. For successful formation of entrepreneurial climate in the sphere of small business as a factor of social and economic development in the region it is critical to use such methods as monitoring, ranking, public-private partnership, business partnership, social support, multilevel training, multi-purpose competition, social selection, social cooperation in order to ensure interaction of small enterprises based on the principles of mutual aid, transparency and autonomy.
Дата издания:2018
Дата загрузки:18.11.2018
Издательство:EDP Sciences