Название:Creating an integrated information system for the analysis of mammalian fauna in the Russian Federation and the preliminary results of this information system
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Аннотация:The current capacity for the purposeful study of the mammalian fauna of Russia using public databases is discussed. A list of species of Russian fauna compiled under united principles is lacking and the lists of species published in different departments are inconsistent. Systems that can monitor changes in the qualitative or quantitative composition of the fauna are not yet sufficiently refined. The systematization of previously accumulated faunal data requires the involvement of qualified taxonomists. Nevertheless, initial work on the “Mammals of Russia” database, which currently contains 16 512 records on 235 species of mammals, has allowed us to positively assess the prospects for further ordering of faunal information within the country.
Дата издания:2018
Дата загрузки:03.12.2019
Издательство:Товарищество научных изданий КМК
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