Название:Intensification of a mixing aeration tank operation by using hydraulic partitioning
Вид ресурса:электронная копия бумажного издания
Тип ресурса:Статья
Целевое назначение:Научное
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Аннотация:The process of biological wastewater treatment in a mixing aeration tank for the purpose of its intensification is studied. Two variants of intensification are consideredhydraulic partitioning of aeration volume of the mixing aeration tank and use of a vortex aerator. It is proposed a calculation method of partitioning of aeration volume of the mixing aeration tank, and it is shown that partitioning can increase its performance by 1.8 times and reduce power consumption of the aeration system. The new design of the vortex aerator is described, and it is shown that its use will significantly increase the efficiency of the tank aeration system and intensify the process of biological treatment due to the increased turbulence of the activated sludge flow. In this case, the quantity of oxygen utilization rate is =0.14-0.18, the relative concentration of organic contaminants is reduced to 0.20 at oxygen deficit 10% during the first aeration hour.
Дата издания:2018
Дата загрузки:13.11.2018