Автор: Аветисян Джавад ДДДДД

Название:Design of the E-Systems for training and researching with tools of cloud services-based stereo and 3D content
Вид ресурса:электронная копия бумажного издания
Тип ресурса:Монография, изданная зарубежными издательствами (наличие ISBN)
Целевое назначение:Научное
Целевая аудитория:Исследователь
Аннотация:The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the development of the tools for cloud services, which allow to organize mass production of multimedia interactive online services of the Real Estate for consumers from around the world, based on stereo and 3D-content and on the organizational model where content (text, pictures, video, animation, tests, etc.) are prepared by professionals from Penza State University, Russian State University for Tourism and Services and HHH University, and the automated assembly output, including its localization (translation) to other languages with the aim of exporting them via the Internet, provides the instrumental software package of Multimedia Technologies Ltd. The E-Systems is using in the academic master's program, developed by the Russian State University for Tourism and Service.
Дата издания:2018
Дата загрузки:03.12.2018
Издательство:IGI Global, Hershey, PA, USA
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