Название:Improving the efficiency of quality control of construction products
Вид ресурса:электронная копия бумажного издания
Тип ресурса:Статья
Целевое назначение:Научное
Целевая аудитория:Исследователь
Аннотация:An efficient control system involves identifying the "unreliable" indicators of product quality and determination their relationship with other indicators of products quality. The main steps of the offered method are: the definition of unbiased estimators of parameters of quality that allows you to define confidence intervals for the mean value; comparison with normative values of indicators obtained the confidence limits and identification of "unreliable" quality indicators. In this example, an "unreliable" indicator of quality products has been identified - indicator of strength of corner joints, and found a linear relationship between the indicator and the indicator of resistance to heat transfer. It was found that in terms of the strength of the corner joints and resistance to heat transfer is necessary to conduct a more thorough monitoring in order to identify and eliminate possible scrap.
Дата издания:2017
Дата загрузки:12.11.2018
Издательство:Ponte International Multidisciplinary Journal of Sciences & Research