Название:The Use of Bone Tissue Non-Steroid Anabolizators in Treatment of Osteoporosis
Автор ПГУ: Виллорий Иванович   Александр Иванович   наталья Вячеславовна   Марина Юрьевна   дмитрий геннадьевич   Ольга Николаевна  Петрова Елена Владимировна  
Вид ресурса:электронная копия бумажного издания
Тип ресурса:Статья
Целевое назначение:Научное
Целевая аудитория:Исследователь
Аннотация:Pathogenesis of OP in aged women is complicated enough and depends on many exogenous and endogenous factors. Ageing process is accompanied by involutive processes almost in all tissues and systems of the body. All these age-related changes lead to lesions of hormonal status, reproductive/regenerative system, especially in combination with negative endogenous factors. In this study we presented data about optimization of the treatment of osteoporosis in elderly people with cognitive disorders using anabolizators of bone tissue based on entomological hormones of drone brood. Our studies showed that it is possible not only to stop osteoporosis but also to reduce its severity as well as reduce the risks of fractures and cognitive disorders.
Дата издания:2019
Дата загрузки:24.11.2020