Blockchain and smart contracts for support the interaction between the actors in the regional innovation system

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Категория: техника
Авторы (ПГУ): Васин Сергей Михайлович [20]  , Гамидуллаева Лейла Айваровна [40]  , Финогеев Алексей Германович [40]  
Авторы (внеш.): Парыгин Данила Сергеевич [0]
Аннотация: The paper covers the issues of development of a mechanism for ensuring reliable and secure interaction among participants in regional innovation systems based on the establishment of smart contracts in the blockchain. The technology allows to reduce the possibility of fraud by dishonest participants, as well as to exclude the need for a third party by transferring its functions to a smart contract. This mechanism is important for ensuring confidential and transparent relations between participants in innovative projects, as well as with all interested stakeholders in regional economic system.
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Вид: электронное немультимедийное издание
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Год издания: 2018
Издательство: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc
Где опубликовано: Сборник трудов конференции
Место опубликования: Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on System Modeling and Advancement in Research Trends, SMART 2018
Индексация: Scopus (тип документа Proceedings, Review и др.)
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Правообладатель: Финогеев Алексей Германович
ISSN: 978-153866369-1
DOI: 10.1109/SYSMART.2018.8746949
Библиографическая ссылка: Finogeev, S. Vasin, L. Gamidullaeva, D. Parygin Blockchain and Smart Contracts for Support the Interaction between the Actors in the Regional Innovation System / A. Finogeev, S. Vasin, L. Gamidullaeva, D. Parygin // SMART-2018 : Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on System Modeling & Advancement in Research Trends, Moradabad, India, 23–24 November 2018. – IEEE, 2018. – P. 27–32
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