Emotional Attitude To Media Image Of Migrant

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Авторы (ПГУ): Осин Роман Викторович [50]  , Константинов Всеволод Валентинович [50]  
Аннотация: The article presents the results of the analyses of a phenomenon which involves the attitude to an image of the working migrant in the modern world in the conditions of media influence among different representatives of social and demographic communities. The results of the empirical research which was conducted on the Internet via specially designed website http://migrantpnz.jimdo.com/ are given. 447 people of different education level, who live on the territory of the Russian Federation, aged from 14 up to 74 years, have participated in the research. A certain connection is established between the choice of the video topic and social and psychological characteristics of the representatives of different social and demographic groups and also discrepancy of indicators of the relation, aggression, uneasiness, tolerance. The applied aspect of the studied problem can be implemented in work of specialists, working with migrants in government institutions and public organizations, the journalists, students of philological and psychological faculties, specialists working in the field of media and advertizing.
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